Emergency Services

The greatest peace of mind a community-based hospital can offer to the people it serves is the fact that its lights are always on, and help is always there when they need it. Most often, this means emergency care. Whether the problem is a throbbing bee sting or injuries from a car crash, each and every patient that comes through the doors of AHN Grove City’s emergency department receives the time and attention of an emergency physician and specially-trained emergency nurses.

Following three years of intense preparation, in 2014, AHN Grove City earned accreditation as a Level IV Trauma Center, the second hospital in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to do so. This designation earned AHN Grove City a place among an elite group of Pennsylvania hospitals that can call themselves trauma centers.

Level IV Trauma Centers provide enhanced care to injured patients within the emergency department in rural areas of the state and focus on stabilization and coordination of care with a higher-level trauma center.

AHN Grove City’s Emergency Department cares for nearly 17,000 patients yearly, which is a lot of people who are glad to know that our lights are always on.